The webcam has captured some interesting moments.

What the Hell Do We Do With This?

30. Sep 2002

Sorting towels and sheets is another tough chore.

Packing Clothes

29. Sep 2002

Marco’s sorting through his closet, deciding what goes across the pond and what goes to the... [More]


28. Sep 2002

Kath and Marco are finally out of here. Here’s a picture of the living room being packed up.

Jass Night

5. Jan 2002

On the eve of Diana’s departure, the family has a few last hands of Jass.

Attacking the AC

9. Feb 2001

If he’s not asleep, he’s trying to reach the air conditioner power cord.

Guarding the Apartment

8. Feb 2001

Here’s who you’re looking for. Asleep as usual.

Evening at Home

5. Jan 2001

Just another evening at home.

Mirror, Mirror

5. Jan 2001

Here the earthli webcam gets introspective and looks at itself in the monitor looking at itself in... [More]