I'm a mixed dwarf rabbit. I rule my apartment with an iron fist. I live in New York City (in Queens). Every once in a while, I'm transported upstate in the loudest car in the world for a 'Fresh Air' weekend. The warden there took some pictures of me. Check 'em out here.


 I just found out today that one of my good buddies, whom I’ve stayed with and played with a couple of times over the years, recently contracted pneumonia at the ripe old age of 15 and was mercifully allowed to avoid a long slow decline. Here’s to my buddy Boris, who didn’t eat me when he could have. I was glad to have been able to stay with him over the last couple of weeks. I figured the big guy deserved his own page here at, er, You can visit it here.

oz - 28. Apr 2002

Latest Photos

Go Away

20. Oct 2001

Seriously, go away. I’m just trying to relax here.

White Belly

20. Oct 2001

Here it’s late and I’m really relaxed. Either that or I rolled into a spot between two pillows and... [More]

Sunshine Yellow

8. Oct 2001

Here I am on the new bathroom carpet, standing in what passes for sunshine in this apartment.

…So Sleepy…

30. Sep 2001

Ozzie gets caught napping. He’s just about in REM sleep right now.

Lounging by the Coffee Table

30. Sep 2001

When the apartment gets cleaned, it’s up to the rabbit to find a new spot to hunker down.

Scratching My Head

13. Sep 2001

Sitting on the couch − illegal. How much do I care? Not at all.

Sulking in My Cage

13. Sep 2001

I must have misbehaved in some way and gotten yelled at. Now I’m trying to look all pathetic in my... [More]


13. Sep 2001

Today, Mom bought bread and I’m gonna get me some.

Bread-Hunter II

13. Sep 2001

I’ve already gotten yelled at for helping myself, but I’m back for more. (at this point, I... [More]

Closeup on My Chair

21. Jun 1999

I’m feeling a little belligerent today.