I'm a mixed dwarf rabbit. I rule my apartment with an iron fist. I live in New York City (in Queens). Every once in a while, I'm transported upstate in the loudest car in the world for a 'Fresh Air' weekend. The warden there took some pictures of me. Check 'em out here.


 I just found out today that one of my good buddies, whom I’ve stayed with and played with a couple of times over the years, recently contracted pneumonia at the ripe old age of 15 and was mercifully allowed to avoid a long slow decline. Here’s to my buddy Boris, who didn’t eat me when he could have. I was glad to have been able to stay with him over the last couple of weeks. I figured the big guy deserved his own page here at, er, You can visit it here.

oz - 28. Apr 2002

Latest Photos

Alertness Personified

29. Mar 2003

I know, I know…it’s the same picture as the last one, but I’m so damned cute, who cares?

What do you want

29. Mar 2003

Your camera has a zoom feature, does it not? Yeah, then get out of my face and get out from under... [More]

Hall Sunshine

18. Mar 2003

With Spring coming on, the sun stays in the hall much longer and I can make good use of it. Get... [More]

Hall Sunshine II

18. Mar 2003

I’m so comfortable, I don’t even notice when my booty slides off the carpet.

Hall Sunshine (Zoomed)

18. Mar 2003

This new camera is pretty good, no?

Sitting Pretty

4. Mar 2003

The folks have got a new digital camera (generously provided for my modelling career by Kristin,... [More]

Prancing Pretty

4. Mar 2003

I’m still not used to grass between my toes, so I’m a little light-footed as yet. It is not mincing.

Checking out the backyard

1. Mar 2003

It’s 15° today (again, whatever that means…it’s warm enough for me to head outside and air out... [More]

Marking my territory

1. Mar 2003

I take a slow walk around the perimeter, checking out the borders of my yard. This is a little too... [More]

My domain

1. Mar 2003

It’s a pretty huge yard for a little guy like me. Here I am, staring at the way other side before... [More]

Looking for some lively grass

1. Mar 2003

The grass is a little flat and dead this early in the season, and the clover is nonexistent, but I... [More]


1. Mar 2003

Here I am taking a slightly faster lap around the yard. My more lively and twisting antics aren’t... [More]

Free as a bird

1. Mar 2003

They either really want to get rid of me or they really trust me not to run away. As you can see,... [More]

Catching some winter sun

9. Feb 2003

After seven long years in the sunless apartment, I just can’t get enough of this stuff.

Catching some winter sun II

9. Feb 2003

Apparently, I’m just so damned cute that it warrants two pictures. It’s also nice to have it on the... [More]


12. Jan 2003

I’m not really this fat; the camera adds at least 10 pounds, no? Actually, now that I’m almost done... [More]

Begging in the pen

12. Jan 2003

This is what I look like now when I beg in my new pen. It’s got it all, little steps I can grab for... [More]

Lounging Dangerously

12. Jan 2003

I have deemed the ‘hocker’ acceptable, albeit somewhat small. There is also a paucity of things... [More]

Losing Battle

30. Dec 2002

Hard to believe, but I’m actually losing this fight with the tree skirt. I’ve got teeth and claws... [More]

Absolutely Legal

28. Dec 2002

Here’s where I’m allowed to sleep, at least a meter away from everything, not touching nothing. I... [More]

Absolutely Illegal

28. Dec 2002

This is absolutely not allowed, because I’m somewhat incontinent when it comes to the couch. I seem... [More]

Sleeping in Christmas Paper

27. Dec 2002

Again, alertness is my middle name, as I’ve already shucked some of the wrapping paper I was using... [More]

Christmas Eve Afternoon

24. Dec 2002

It’s Christmas Eve in Switzerland and I’m under a Christmas Tree, I’ve got Vince Guaraldi on the... [More]

Examining Foreign Food

21. Dec 2002

My American food is running low. A lot of the so-called “rabbit” food they offer here looks more... [More]

Washing My Foot

6. Dec 2002

Here I am keeping clean in the middle of the cool new living room carpet.

A new (Swiss) Christmas Tree

6. Dec 2002

After my washing, I settle in under the new Christmas tree that Kath puchased at EPA. Lights,... [More]

Closeup under the tree

6. Dec 2002

And here’s the annoying obligatory ‘closeup’ shot. I’m just laying here relaxing, trying to pretend... [More]

Bright Sun

1. Dec 2002

This place is pretty nice when it’s sunny. I even get sunlight in my cage in the afternoons. Pretty... [More]

Nice lunch spot

1. Dec 2002

Of course, the only reason I’m still eating lunch is not because I was fed now, it’s because I was... [More]

Post-lunch nap

1. Dec 2002

It’s a pretty sweet setup I’ve got here now. I’m not sure why I still cause so much trouble. It’s a... [More]