I'm a mixed dwarf rabbit. I rule my apartment with an iron fist. I live in New York City (in Queens). Every once in a while, I'm transported upstate in the loudest car in the world for a 'Fresh Air' weekend. The warden there took some pictures of me. Check 'em out here.


 I just found out today that one of my good buddies, whom I’ve stayed with and played with a couple of times over the years, recently contracted pneumonia at the ripe old age of 15 and was mercifully allowed to avoid a long slow decline. Here’s to my buddy Boris, who didn’t eat me when he could have. I was glad to have been able to stay with him over the last couple of weeks. I figured the big guy deserved his own page here at, er, You can visit it here.

oz - 28. Apr 2002

Latest Photos

Fur’s almost fully shedded…

30. Aug 2003

…but I still want the paparazzi to keep away until I’m looking my best. Take the picture in... [More]

Guard rabbit

2. Aug 2003

Later that afternoon, while those folks are playing bocce or drinking panache beers, I figured I’d... [More]

Extreme close-up

2. Aug 2003

Gary’s 10x zoom camera got this closeup. He was standing in Germany at the time.

Entertaining is tiring

2. Aug 2003

This is the 5th or 6th day of having guests in my house, and I seriously need a nap. I’m just about... [More]

In out of the rain

27. Jul 2003

Here I am after having had a nice run outside in the rain. It’s so much cooler when it rains and I... [More]

Afternoon on my blue carpet

13. Jul 2003

In the late afternoon, we get some nice rays here on the porch. It wasn’t too hot today, so it... [More]

This is my Mom

12. Jul 2003

Here you can see where my blue carpet is. It’s nicely hidden under a tangle of metalwork, but I... [More]

My blue carpet

12. Jul 2003

Summer mornings are still pretty cool … it’s in the afternoon that things really get broiling.... [More]

Under the hazelnut tree

6. Jul 2003

This is the ‘screw hazel’ tree in the backyard, so called because it’s got branches like corkscrews... [More]

Get off my lawn

1. Jun 2003

This is my lawn. It’s on the side of my garden and hasn’t been mowed yet. No one can see me in... [More]

Mowing the lawn

1. Jun 2003

Here you can see me stomping down a little path and snipping off the tastier bits. It has been... [More]


1. Jun 2003

See that little monkey in the distance? He can’t see me at all. That means no “can I pet the... [More]


1. Jun 2003

These paths don’t make themselves. Here I’m just beginning to stamp down an adjunct to the main... [More]

Sunny Porch

4. May 2003

Once I get rid of the kids by pretending I’m tired or going to get heat-stroke, I can finally relax... [More]

The “Kids”

4. May 2003

Here’s part of the pack of demons that rove around this seemingly idyllic neighborhood. They’re a... [More]

My Fan Club

4. May 2003

This here’s the heart of my fan club. They’re slow and nice and soothing and they pick me just the... [More]

Relaxing in the Bushes

3. May 2003

How many pictures have I got with the word ‘relaxing’ in the title? Quite a few, I’d warrant. I... [More]

My hidey-hole

3. May 2003

God forbid that fool should let it go with just one shot of me while I’m testing my new spot in the... [More]

Jungle Jim

3. May 2003

The leaves have finally grown in on the bushes and I’ve found a pretty sweet spot to hide myself... [More]


2. May 2003

It’s amazing that the lady thinks she can get away with a nap when I’m in such obvious need of... [More]

Punish the weary

2. May 2003

I am actually just re-settling here until she wakes up. You should in no way interpret this picture... [More]

Not enough yard time

24. Apr 2003

Even if I’ve gotten to go outside for a decent amount of time it’s never enough. I’m trying to make... [More]


24. Apr 2003

I know I’m not in this shot, but I figure I’d let you see “the help” hard at work making my yard... [More]

Guarding the Yard

15. Apr 2003

There aren’t any leaves on my tree yet, but it still offer me a modicum of protection as I survey... [More]

Tough Day

15. Apr 2003

After another wicked hard day of making sure nobody gets up to nothing in my neighborhood, I have... [More]

Resting After a Good Chase

29. Mar 2003

I just took Kath and Marco on a chase around the neighbor’s yard, which I seem to be having a hard... [More]

Favorite Tree

29. Mar 2003

This is my favorite tree, because it provides two things:

  1. Snacks. You can see them hanging from... [More]

Favorite Tree II

29. Mar 2003

Same tree, but a close-up money shot.

In the Yard with Mom

29. Mar 2003

I’m getting a little more comfortable with my yard, and I like to lay down in the grass way out on... [More]

Also my favorite tree

29. Mar 2003

This is a nice tree as well, but it doesn’t give enough shade yet. I’m told that will be addressed... [More]