I'm a mixed dwarf rabbit. I rule my apartment with an iron fist. I live in New York City (in Queens). Every once in a while, I'm transported upstate in the loudest car in the world for a 'Fresh Air' weekend. The warden there took some pictures of me. Check 'em out here.


 I just found out today that one of my good buddies, whom I’ve stayed with and played with a couple of times over the years, recently contracted pneumonia at the ripe old age of 15 and was mercifully allowed to avoid a long slow decline. Here’s to my buddy Boris, who didn’t eat me when he could have. I was glad to have been able to stay with him over the last couple of weeks. I figured the big guy deserved his own page here at, er, You can visit it here.

oz - 28. Apr 2002

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Relaxing in the spring leaves

15. Apr 2004

After several false starts, I finally got my “outside” legs back under me and was out all afternoon... [More]

Watching work is tiring

15. Apr 2004

Those two are going at this yard work at a pretty hectic pace. Guarding this pile of leaves is no... [More]

The Party’s almost over

15. Apr 2004

My first day back outside and I get my ass scared right off. Here I sense that something is wrong.... [More]

Dozing #42

15. Apr 2004

It’s winter; I’m sleeping; big surprise.

Dozing #43

15. Apr 2004

Full side shot of the prettiest bunny ever. Lookit how fluffy! Awwww …

buzz off.

Foray into the great unknown

15. Apr 2004

I’ve been a real chicken this year about going outside. I hear the porch door open and I panic. I... [More]

Eating wild flowers

15. Apr 2004

I’m delighted to be able to misbehave horribly here: Mom likes flowers in the backyard — thinks... [More]

Oz Plays Trivial Pursuit

5. Mar 2004

If I only knew what the ASPCA was called in this country, I’d give them a ring, because this is... [More]

Visit with the pigs

13. Feb 2004

The pigs are visiting again; that means two mealtimes for me. Move it, pig! Time to share/pay your... [More]

When I’m finished

13. Feb 2004

That’s when you get to have hay … when I’m finished. I have a big bale of hay in my house which I... [More]

Sharing with Mäd

13. Feb 2004

OK, OK, you can have some too, but let’s not let Schnüffi have any … she’s HUGE!

Winter sun

8. Jan 2004

Here’s me taking advantage of the two hours of sun we get in the deep winter.

Big yellow face in the sky hurts us

8. Jan 2004

These winter jaunts are kind of fun, but a little jarring … I’m in hibernate mode right now.


7. Jan 2004

Only a few days into the new year, and already in lockdown. Double-maximum security. All I see is... [More]

Finally, something to lean against

27. Dec 2003

I was really worried about this designer living room for a while, but they finally put in a piece... [More]

Christmas lights in peril

26. Dec 2003

During Christmas, the fools lay down Christmas lights, then let me go outside. Here I am making... [More]

And he’s off!

25. Dec 2003

Here’s about as ‘action’ a photo as you’re going to get. I did a bunch of hops and spins and stuff,... [More]

Catching the low, low winter rays

25. Dec 2003

Man is the sun ever low in the Winter. Here I am trying to catch a bit of warmth on my pelt, but... [More]

Where’s my rub-down?

25. Dec 2003

It’s nice outside and all, but it’s not bad to catch those rays from behind some double-paned... [More]

This one’s for Mom

25. Dec 2003

As Mom is now doubt in the States right now fretting about the state of her Christmas lights … I... [More]

I think I found a wire here…

25. Dec 2003

I’ll have to test with my teeth to see if it’s a wire or a frozen blade of grass.

It’s grass.
... [More]

All over the place

25. Dec 2003

After a bit, I’ve criss-crossed the yard about a dozen times. The photographer thinks it’s cute,... [More]

Slim pickings

25. Dec 2003

It’s tough, but I’m finding crunchy grass here by the steps … it’s so much better than the fresh,... [More]

White Christmas

25. Dec 2003

Since the remaining owner came home a touch late last night, I really needed to go outside and... [More]

Chillin’ under the fake tree

23. Dec 2003

  • Christmas tree? Check.
  • Sunshine? Check.
  • Nothing to do? Check.

Snoozing on a sunny afternoon

23. Dec 2003

It’s sunny outside, but I was just out there for about half an hour. I’m an old man, so let me have... [More]

Chillin’ by the door

14. Sep 2003

Stick lady just brought them a new camera and, of course, that means super close-up in-your-face... [More]

You’re annoying

14. Sep 2003

They’ve got the new camera and just can’t stop taking pictures with it. They’re boring.

Still alive and looking good

30. Aug 2003

As per Nid’s request, I’m posing here for a few up-to-date candids to prove that I’m still alive... [More]