earthli Systems Mark II is only a computer system. There are no peripherals. You will need to provide a monitor, mouse and keyboard.


  1. Unpack the machine. In the box, you will find a power cord and a 'foot' for the machine. Attach the foot to the base of the machine in the front.
  2. Connect the mouse, monitor and keyboard.
  3. If you have headphones or speakers, connect them to the line-out on the sound card, not on the motherboard. The line-out is the leftmost 1/8 stereo jack when looking at the back of the machine (right next to the joystick port).
  4. Start the machine.
  5. Set up the monitor. This is detailed below.


The machine is in 640 x 480 x 32 Bits x 60Hz to ensure that you see something when you start Windows for the first time, regardless of the type of monitor attached. When you start for the first time, you might see Windows detecting your monitor. If it is is a newer monitor, it will recognize the model or deem it a Plug and Play monitor.

Once you are started, you will want to change the Display Settings to optimize the Refresh Rate and Resolution for your monitor.

  1. Open the Display Properties control panel
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click Adapter. If there is a drop-down box at the bottom, make sure Optimal is selected. If there is no drop-down, then do the following:
    1. Click the Monitor tab
    2. The monitor should be (default monitor) for a monitor of your age.
    3. Click Change...
    4. Click Next >
    5. Select Display a list of all drivers... and click Next >
    6. Select Show all hardware.
    7. Scroll to the top of the Manufacturers list and select (Standard monitor types)
    8. Select an appropriate model from the Models list. For whichever resolution you're going to run, select the model that will run it at at least 75Hz in Super VGA.
    9. Click Next >
    10. Click Next >
    11. Click Finish
  5. Make sure to select Optimal from the drop-down box that should now be available. It's important to have at least 75Hz refresh at the resolution you are going to use in order to avoid eye-strain.


The modem has been verified to work, but there is no software installed to connect to the internet. Plug in the modem, install your ISP software (Juno, AOL, etc.) and you will have internet access.

Windows 98 Files

If you install new software or change drivers, Windows will sometimes ask you for the Windows 98 Setup CD. I have placed the contents of the CD at:

C:\windows 98 setup files

Simply redirect Windows to look in that folder and it will find what it needs.

Opening the Case

The case is simple to open once you know how. Follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the foot from the front of the machine. Reach into the two square holes on the bottom of the foot and squeeze, releasing the two catches.
  2. Remove the front panel. Grab the bottom of the front panel and give it a quick tug. It should release on the bottom. Once the bottom is released, you can pull the front panel away from the top. A good sharp tug works best. Some force is required.
  3. Remove the two thumbscrews on the left side of the front of the machine (when viewed from the front).
  4. Slide the left side-panel toward the front of the machine and pull it away.

Drivers/Additional Info

For additional information about the Mark II, visit the home page