Mark I

(router not included)

The Mark I is the first system put together by earthli Systems. It is a refurbished machine with the most important components replaced by the latest technology, chosen with an eye towards value.


The Mark I had its beginnings as a Xenon machine originally purchased in January 1995 (Xenon has since gone out of business). Over the years, the sound card, modem, hard drive and CD-Rom, motherboard, processor and RAM were replaced. A network card was added.

The final Mark I was constructed when the second motherboard/processor stopped responding. The case, processor, mainboard, RAM and video card were all upgraded. The final configuration is given below.


Case Antec KS382+PP255HX MINITOWER 250W/PS
Processor AMD Duron™ 750MHz
Mainboard Gigabyte GA-7ZX ATX Motherboard [Bios/Drivers]
RAM Kingston PC133 128MB SDRAM DIMM
Video Card ATI Radeon 32MB DDR Video Card AGP [Drivers]
Sound Card Turtle Beach Montego II [Drivers]
CD-Rom Sony CD-Rom 10x
Hard Drive Western Digital Ultra ATA/66 10.2 GB