Performed by Marco on 23.06.2001

  1. Repair and Installation
  2. Optimizations
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Profiling
  5. Recommendations
  6. Time

Repair and installation

  1. Fixed PC Speaker
    1. Soldered speaker wire back on to speaker. (Max VB)
    2. Verified PC Speaker works.
  2. Fixed problem with computer not booting.
    1. Adjusted motherboard clock speed to 100 MHz
    2. After several hours of work, computer encounters same problem
    3. Underclock motherboard to 95 MHz
    4. Intermittent boot problems, but mostly gone for next several hours
    5. Chip is suspect and is likely a 750 MHz overclocked and sold as a 900 MHz
  3. Fixed all drives
    1. CD-Roms
    2. Enabled 5 1/4 floppy in BIOS
    3. Plugged in hard drives
    4. Removed EZ-BIOS from all drives (no longer needed)
      1. Downloaded Data Lifeguard
      2. Created boot floppy
      3. Uninstalled
  4. Downloaded and installed video drivers
  5. Removed infrared device
    1. Removed all netorking components
    2. Removed device
    3. Removed 'infrared recipient' icon in 'My Computer'
  6. Removed Kensington Win95 Driver (Resource Conflict)
  7. Downloaded and installed Motherboard Drivers
  8. Installed Network Card
  9. Installed USB Drivers
  10. Installed CD-Audio connector
    1. Soldered new connector to create correct wire (Max VB)
  11. Removed TV Device
  12. Removed Internet shared connection
  13. Removed Virtual Private Networking
  14. Upgraded system
    1. Uninstalled AOL 6.0a
    2. Used Gary's cable modem to run all applicable Windows Update patches
    3. Upgraded to Internet Explorer 5.5
    4. Installed DirectX 8.0a
    5. Installed Virtual Machine
  15. Installed Audio Driver


  1. Created fixed-size 256MB swap file
  2. Changed system setting from 'desktop' to 'network'
  3. Ran Norton System-Check. (machine was clean)
  4. Defragmented drives (were already at 99 or 100%...very good)
  5. Used defragmenter to move entire swap file to start of C: drive
  6. Optimized Registry with Norton Optimization Wizard.
  7. Removed startup programs
    1. Real Downloader
    2. Real Jukebox (wastes memory, jukebox still works)
    3. Crashguard (not useful at all anymore)
    4. System Doctor (just defrag once a week)
    5. AOL Startup icon (just wastes memory)
    6. Ocraware (text-recognition for scanner)
    7. TV-Viewer software (no longer needed)
    8. Cleansweep (not really useful with Windows 98 and the current uninstall programs anyway)
    9. PTSnoop ???
    10. WSPSPSW (Windows Printer Windows???)
    11. ICSMGR (internet connection sharing, not used)
    12. BPCPOST (TV-viewer software)


  1. Changed clock from AM to PM (clock was 12 hours off)
  2. Changed TEMP folder to c:\temp
  3. Installed WinZip 8.0
  4. Changed Taskbar settings to be 'Always on Top'
  5. Changed Home Page (I liked it...pretty pictures...but there were too many looky-loos around)


  1. System boot-up as delivered:
    • Boot-up time: 1:44
    • Memory used: 216 MB
    • AOL Start :25
  2. System boot-up with most startup programs removed:
    • Boot-up time: 1:24
    • Memory used: 126 MB
    • AOL Start: :15


  1. The chip is dangerously overclocked. The motherboard is now set to the lowest setting possible and there was still an occasional lockup. Get your money back and/or get a replacement.
  2. I was pretty cavalier with removing startup options. I had to reboot a lot and didn't feel like waiting for all of those tools to start up. I didn't have time to turn them back on, but I would leave anything off that you don't need.*
  3. AOL is a big machine-hogging whore. Stop using it if at all possible.
  4. I'm not sure how to engage the audio option on the motherboard. It says that the audio option is engaged and there are a bunch of audio things installed in the system device manager, but Windows doesn't recognize that there is any audio device. On the gigabyte site, they mention that the 7ZX-1 doesn't come with the audio chip or an ISA slot. You'll have to get a sound card, I believe.
  5. The video card is decent, but it won't get you gaming. If you still paid the original $70 for it that you mentioned to me (which was good for a 32MB card), then you did NOT get a good deal. The card I originally quoted to you (32 MB DDR RAM) is now available for $80. It is much better. However, if you paid less, it's a good card, but I can find it for $37. Just letting you know, in case you paid more. You should have a beef with those fellows anyway about the chip.
  6. Without a sound card, I was unable to verify that the CD-Audio cable is working.



  • 16:45 - 20:00
  • 21:00 - 22:45


  • 11:45 - 18:00
Total time 11 hours
Rate $0/hour
Total $0
Happy Birthday!

* You can turn on any and all of them by going to 'Start Menu', 'Accesories', 'System Tools', 'System Information'. From the program that comes up, select 'System Configuration Utility' from the 'Tools' menu. Click the 'Startup' tab on the far right. You will see a list of all of the startup programs on your machine. Check off the ones you want to start.