If you already have an earthli WebCore application installed, follow the instructions below for a smooth upgrade. If you don't, use the installation instructions instead.

Since there are myriad configuration possibilities, the upgrade instructions are more a set of general guidelines than step-by-step instructions.

  1. Back up your database and webcore installation before doing anything. You can back up your database by exporting using PHPMyAdmin or my simply doing a mysqldump to file. If you have no idea what this means, then you probably should ask someone for help (see target audience).
  2. Copy the new WebCore files into their respective locations (depends on where you installed the common files, which applications you have installed and where the PHP library files are stored). It is best to remove the existing version before applying the new one to make sure that all old files are removed.

    Do not overwrite the "plugins" folder. Each earthli distribution contains default files for this folder; make sure to save your current versions to avoid losing your configuration.

  3. Compare the new default configuration files (in the "plugins" folder) with your existing ones to see which new settings should be set.

    The upgrade to WebCore 2.7.0 changes the names of these files from "make.php" and "make_app.php" to "custom_init.php". You must transfer your settings to the new files by hand.

  4. Migrate the database to the new schema by following the instructions below.

    1. Log in to each installed application as the "root" user.
    2. Click "Configure" at the top of the page, near the login information.
    3. Perform the indicated upgrades from the configuration page.
  5. Make sure that upload folders have permissions assigned correctly. See configuring upload folders for more information.