These pictures are managed by the earthli Albums application.

Publishing integrated into UI

8. Dec 2005

Publication of pending notifications can now be triggered from the configuration panel. The... [More]

Migration Output

8. Dec 2005

This is a shot of the migration process in “Verbose” mode, showing all debugging messages as well.... [More]

First Upgrade

8. Dec 2005

The first upgrade comes with a warning that there is no version information, so the system simply... [More]

Upgrade Needed

8. Dec 2005

Once a new version of the WebCore or an application has been installed, log in as root and click Configure... [More]

Purging with the Explorer

3. Dec 2005

This screenshot illustrates the power of the delete/purge concept. The normal user simply uses... [More]

History View

1. Dec 2005

The history got updated and is now grouped by day and has most details hidden in layers. This makes... [More]

Searching Pictures

1. Dec 2005

This shot is from the Albums application and shows a few of the niceties of WebCore 2.7.0:

  1. ... [More]

Item in an email

8. Dec 2004

A WebCore objects looks the same in an HTML email as it does when displayed on a web page — it’s... [More]

Projects Table of Contents

8. Dec 2004

WebCore Applications can publish almost any object. This mail shows details of releases, changes... [More]

Album Email Table of Contents

8. Dec 2004

Even if your site generates a lot of content, earthli WebCore publishing manages it nicely,... [More]

Advanced browser detection

4. Dec 2004

The earthli Browser Detector comes with the WebCore and is also available as a standalone component.

... [More]

Album options

21. Nov 2004

earthli Albums takes full advantage of the WebCore’s advanced form rendering capabilities to offer... [More]

earthli Projects: Drop Down Menus Redux

29. Sep 2004

The drop down menus have been in earthli for a while now, but they’ve seen some new improvements:

earthli Projects: Calendar Control

29. Sep 2004

All earthli applications can now use the calendar picker to choose a date. The calendar is also... [More]

earthli Projects: Planning Releases

29. Sep 2004

earthli Projects now gives you even more control over releases. Instead of just a “time scheduled”,... [More]

Error report details

7. Mar 2004

The exception state is reported with a lot of detail. It now includes:

  • Application, server and... [More]

Advanced exception handling

7. Mar 2004

The WebCore encapsulates the state of the page in an exception object, which can be rendered to a... [More]

Editing an attachment

4. Mar 2004

Attachments are fully supported for comments and entries (includes articles, recipes, jobs,... [More]

History page

4. Mar 2004

The history page has been redone to be much more readable, pushing the action icon off to the side... [More]

Advanced security and folder hiding

28. Feb 2004

The number of folders can be quite large, as shown here in the folder listing from an earthli... [More]

Drop down menus

7. Feb 2004

New in WebCore 2.5 are drop-down menus, so you can present an uncluttered interface but still have... [More]

Zip file attachments

6. Feb 2004

Any file can be uploaded and mime types and extensions can be associated with icon sets. Some file... [More]


6. Feb 2004

earthli projects is the first WebCore application to integrate the new uploading capabilities.... [More]

Advanced searching

22. Dec 2003

Here’s a snapshot of some very Alpha work on more powerful, flexible searching for all WebCore... [More]

Previews for all forms

17. Dec 2003

Also new in 2.5.0 are automatic previews for forms that create objects in the application. This... [More]

Tag validation

17. Dec 2003

Brand new in 2.5.0 is tag validation for all text fields. The WebCore tagging language has also... [More]

User subscription options

16. Dec 2003

Here’s the new form for subscriptions options. Users can now very specifically tailor the size and... [More]

User subscription summary

16. Dec 2003

There are far more subscription options. Here they’re displayed in a readable format.

Folder security

16. Dec 2003

These the are the folder-specific privileges. The view has been considerably streamlined, with use... [More]

User security

29. Nov 2003

The security system is very modular and allows quick and easy ‘snap-in’ of new privileges and... [More]