The earthli WebCore runs with PHP and MySQL. In order to install and run software based on it, you'll need the following server-side software:

  • Apache 2.x

    The WebCore 3.4.0 was developed on and is deployed on Apache 2.x.

  • PHP 4.x

    The WebCore 3.4.0 was developed on PHP versions 5.4.x and higher. Older versions (especially 4.x) are no longer supported.

  • MySQL 3.x, 4.x, 5.x

    The WebCore uses plain vanilla generated SQL and can run with pretty much any version of MySQL. Newer versions are, naturally, better—especially for full-text support. The WebCore 3.4.0 was developed with version 5.5 on Mac OS X, and is deployed on an Ubuntu box running version 5.x as well.

  • PHPMyAdmin* (or similar database administration tool)

*You only need the database administration tool during installation.

All in all, the WebCore has relatively modest server software requirements and has been tested/deployed on Windows, OS X and Linux servers.