The earthli WebCore is a fully object-oriented library for building web sites with PHP. You can easily add photo albums, recipes and news to your own site, all in a scalable, attractive, customizable package that does everything you need. This library is aimed at PHP developers (see below for more information).

Build your web applications with the WebCore and get all of the following:

  • Define content areas with nestable folders.
  • Comments/Attachments supported everywhere.
  • Advanced skinning support allows on-the-fly layout/theme changes.
  • Forms library generates interface/validation/error-reporting automatically.
  • Tag-based text-processing generates elegant, standards-compliant output.
  • Powerful publication services for integrating email notifications.
  • Tightly integrated security services.
  • Easily-extendible searches can be saved for re-use.
  • Multiple objects can be printed, emailed, deleted, and more.
  • Advanced browser detection.
  • Extensive library support for file-handling, URL-parsing and other basic services.
  • Image handling, compressed files and much more...

Using the WebCore as a platform, you can build your own applications more quickly, focusing on building features rather than solving every last little mystery related to web-site development with PHP. Read more about why you should use the WebCore.

Target Audience

The target audience is PHP developers. Anyone with a little PHP know-how and/or programming experience should be able to install with no problems whatsoever. If the previous paragraph made no sense whatsoever and the requirements page is terrifying, then you'd be better off getting a technically-savvy friend to help or — better yet — check out Encodo Systems* and their product. Their product brings much of the power of the earthli WebCore to the average user and makes developing new applications a snap!

*Disclaimer: The developer of the earthli WebCore, Marco, is a co-founder of Encodo Systems. Many of the ideas developed in the WebCore will be developed further there.