The WebCore and all applications are fully documented with PHPDocumentor*.

  • Every class, property, method and variable is marked up with JavaDoc-style tags. The documentation is in front of you as you browse the code and JavaDoc-aware editors can generate code-completion information and in-place help while you work.
  • Source code is syntax-highlighted and linked with the documentation.
  • All applications are documented too, so you can use them as examples.

The WebCore API is separated into lite and full versions.

*I highly recommend PHPDoc (not least because I spent some time extending it just so it could handle the WebCore!).

Lite (public API only)

  • Provides a clear picture of what the WebCore does, rather than how it does it.
  • Includes only the higher-level API, leaving off implementation details, such as internal functions and classes.

Full (developer API)

  • Good for developing a new application or heavily customizing an existing one.
  • Includes absolutely every last little implementation detail: almost everything is documented to some degree.
  • Shows you all of the aggravation the WebCore is sparing you!