Based on the earthli Screen Saver Library, this screen saver plays any Shockwave Flash file as a screen saver. Take your favorite web animations or cartoons and make screen savers out of them.

To use the screen saver, just download the binary files and unzip them to your Windows® folder. Go to Display Properties and select the 'earthli' screen saver.

To use the source code, make sure you have Delphi 5.0 installed. I haven't tested with other versions of Delphi, but any version that supports interfaces (includes 4.0, I believe) will work. You will also need to include the TUrlLabel component in your library to work with the forms.

Version 1.0 supports only one file at a time and is available with source code. Version 2.0 is not yet available but will let you create libraries of flash animations and play them all in a row.

Created 12/2/2000 — Updated 05/11/2001

Current version is 1.0.4

Known Issues


  1. If you download and install using the installer provided, then the 'Flash File' and 'Options' panels don't appear in the settings box. To enable these panels, you have to change a setting in the INI file, which is in the system folder with the screen saver. In the INI file, there is a setting in the [General] section called 'settings_enabled'. Change it from 0 to 1 and save the file. Click 'Settings...' from the display control panel and you will see the options now.


  1. Windows NT and Windows 2000 will not ask for a password if password protection is enabled.
  2. When the machine goes to sleep or powers down and is revived, the screen saver does not detect the mouse anymore. Hit 'Esc' or 'Alt + F4' to close it.

Build History

1.0.4 - 5/11/2001

  1. Fixed screen saver service to detect mouse, even after power-down mode is engaged. Previously only the 'Esc' or 'Alt+F4' combination stil quit the screen saver. (the form capture mouse input, because the Flash control covers the whole form. However, when the computer went into power-down mode, it took capture away, never to return it).

1.0.3 - 12/6/2000

  1. Added an Internet Update link on the about page
  2. Fixed saver service to work on NT/2000, but it still doesn't ask for the password, even if it's enabled.
  3. Added calls to SystemParametersInfo to notify the system that a screen saver is running, so that Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Alt+Del don't work.
  4. Fixed Configuration dialog so that the preview movie only plays when that page is displayed and is paused when hidden. Movie is not opened if the settings are disabled.
  5. Added a license agreement, which can be saved as HTML.

1.0.2 Beta - 12/1/2000

  1. Initial release to testers.
  2. Has insufficient password support for Windows NT/2000.