Short and Sweet

The owners and operators of this site will not give out any of your information to any third parties. Ever. Period.

The Nitty Gritty

As with most dynamic web sites, this one requires you to create an account so that you can participate fully.

Email addresses

Your email address will not be shared with anyone, nor will it be displayed on the web site (unless you ask us to in the user preferences). Email notifications are opt-in and can be completely disabled at any time. Anonymous subscriptions, because of system limitations, cannot be protected fully—create an account in order to ensure complete privacy.


Your password is immediately encrypted before storing in the database and is not known to the operators of this web site (therefore it cannot be lost or shared). That also means that a lost password is lost forever and cannot be sent to you. It can, however, be reset.


This site uses cookies to enhance the user experience (read: make stuff work better). These cookies can be deleted at any time without losing any information (though you will have to log in again). No user information is stored in the cookie.

Log Files

This site employs logging to track its usage. These logs include information about which computer visited what when, but the data cannot be linked to a user's personal information.

Legal Loopholes

It is possible that the law of the country in which this server resides may require the site to disclose any of the personal information mentioned above in order to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or other legal process. In this case, this site will do its best to inform users of the changed circumstances. If you want more detail, you're kind of on your own—suffice it to say that it's a big, bad world out there and life isn't always fair.

Selling Out

If this site is sold at a fantastical profit to another entity, all user information will belong to the new entity and their rules will apply. Again, this site will do its best to inform users of the changed circumstances.