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13 Recipes

Pasta, Rice & Grains > Belly Button Salad

From the kitchen of Cooks.com

From Cooks.com; serves 4.

Breads > The world’s best pancake recipe

From the kitchen of Jason Kottke & Robie

Fluffy, relatively easy pancakes. Recipe feeds four.

The original recipe called them the world’s best, a rating which is unlikely to be scientifically verified, but is entirely plausible.

Sauces & Relishes > Zulu Spaghetti Sauce

The Zulu sauce has a dozen or so ingredients and is pretty hard to find, but very tasty. If you search “Ukuva Zulu Fire Sauce” online, you might find a local vendor. The sauce itself isn’t very hot, but has quite a strong flavor—hence the addition of so much tomato sauce to stabilize it.

Serves a lot. Just look at the ingredients. You’ll be eating it for days.

Soups & Stews > White Bean Soup with Greens

From the kitchen of South Beach Diet Cookbook

This southern Italian soup features white beans. Choose from great Northern beans, cannellini beans, or any other white bean you happen to have on hand.

Serves 6.

Poultry > Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joe

From the kitchen of Marge Perry (NY Newsday)

Black beans seem to have a meatier, almost smoky flavor compared to other beans. In this sandwich they add depth and creamy texture as well as fiber and other nutrients to a traditional sloppy Joe.

Serves 6

Sauces & Relishes > Sour Cream & Parmesan Sauce

From the kitchen of WineSkinny

Alfredo-style sauce without the calories or cardiac risk. Makes enough for 12 oz. of pasta. Serves at least four as a side dish.

Salads & Dressings > Kath’s Salad Dressing

From the kitchen of Kathleen Van Evera

For a 2-3 serving dinner salad . . .

Breads > Blueberry Muffins

From the kitchen of Kathleen Van Evera

Vegetables > Stuffed Summer Peppers

From the kitchen of Antony Worrall Thompson (Food and Drink)

This is good for a relaxing dinner. Serves 4. Anchovies were removed from the original recipe because anchovies are gross.

Eggs, Cheese and Legumes > Chäs Fondue

From the kitchen of Max Von Ballmoos

Original − Famous − Authentic − Genuine Swiss Fondue Recipe. Translated, improved, changed and mishandled by 3rd Chief Cook-Assistant, Fourth Ave. Inn, Ilion

Serves 4

Soups & Stews > Minestrone

From the kitchen of Jan Gordon

Serve with plenty of good bread and the rest of the wine.

Soups & Stews > Chili

From the kitchen of Better Homes and Gardens

You can prepare this hearty soup on the range top to save time or slowly in a crockery cooker.

Pasta, Rice & Grains > Indonesian Rice Bowl

From the kitchen of New York Newsday

Contains shredded chicken, peas and rice in a peanut sauce. Assumes you have a rice cooker, but the instructions below accommodate boiling rice without one. Makes 4 servings.