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44 Recipes

Pies > Annie’s Buttermilk Pie

From the kitchen of Ann Watkins

A delicious custard pie we enjoyed growing up

Meat > Hot Sausage (med)

From the kitchen of Paul Congiliaro

This is a great basic hot sausage, Paul sold it in his store for years.

Soups & Stews > Slow cooker vegetarian chili

This chili is very yummy, we had it over rice but you can also add ½ cup of couscous the last 5 or 10 mins. of cooking.

Salads & Dressings > Sauerkraut Salad

Great party favorite for all ages. Quick and easy to make.

Breads > Plantain pancakes

From the kitchen of The Paleo Mom

Desserts > Blueberry Apple Crisp

This is another great take on apple crisp…becoming a favorite@

Poultry > Chicken Riggies

From the kitchen of Vanessa

Great chicken riggie recipe originating in the Utica area; can’t get anywhere else

Appetizers and Snacks > Grilled Italian Dip

From the kitchen of Kathy Burner

Take this dip to a barbecue and it will surely be a hit!

Soups & Stews > Potato-leek soup

From the kitchen of Diane Watkins

This is a great potato soup as I am not usually a fan of potato soup. I added a pound of chopped clams and it was delicious.

Sauces & Relishes > Ma’s Crock pickles

From the kitchen of Grandma Kroll

Everyone that went to Grandma Kroll’s farm grew up with her delicious dill pickles. She would make a 20 gallon crock on Wed. or Thurs. and by Sun. when everyone went home the crock would be empty; we wouldn’t even give them a chance to really cure!

Cakes > Yum Yum Cake

From the kitchen of Karen

a nice alternative to a sweet sugary frosting cake

Cookies > The Ultimate Heart-Smart Cookie

From the kitchen of Amber

Cookies, nuts and other surprising goodies that help ward off heart disease.

Desserts > Williamsburg Apple Cream Cheese Torte

From the kitchen of Virginia Apples

A very quick and easy recipe that is delicious.

Appetizers and Snacks > Olive Garden Hot Artichoke & Spinach Dip

From the kitchen of Karen

A very nice dip for parties, etc.

Desserts > Lemon Bar Trifle

From the kitchen of Taste of Home

If you like lemon meringue pie, you will love this recipe.

Sauces & Relishes > Hot Pepper Jelly

From the kitchen of Karen & Penny

This is a nice sweet hot jelly that is very good with cream cheese on crackers or anything else you would like to put it on!

Desserts > Rich Raspberry Swirl Brownies

From the kitchen of M. VanEvera (okay Toll House can take partial credit)

They are de-lish! :)
Makes 16 Brownies

Cakes > Eclair Cake

From the kitchen of Karen

A nice summer cake favorite; tastes very much like an eclair, only in a pan.

Poultry > Pulled chicken sandwiches

From the kitchen of Kathy Burner

a nice make ahead lunch, dinner or party food

Salads & Dressings > Broccoli Salad

From the kitchen of Barbara Holt, Home Bureau Member

A very yummy salad which you would probably not make if you saw the recipe in a magazine, but Barb tried it on us and it is delicious.

Poultry > Janet’s Pulled Turkey Barbecue

From the kitchen of Chanatry's

A wonderful party sandwich filler; keeps well in slow cooker. great with rolls and roasted peppers.

Eggs, Cheese and Legumes > Breakfast pizza

From the kitchen of American Profile

Nice to make when you have company or just on the weekend for breakfast or brunch.

Appetizers and Snacks > Buffalo chicken wing dip

From the kitchen of Vanessa Graham

A nice party dip

Desserts > Mincemeat filled bars

From the kitchen of Grammie Watkins

A very good snack bar.

Appetizers and Snacks > Fruit Dip

From the kitchen of Karen VanEvera

very good with almost any kind of fruit

Meat > Thai Coconut Red Curry

From the kitchen of Thai Kitchen

Very good with veggies or chicken
You can omit the fish sauce if you don’t like fish!

Meat > Reuben Casserole

From the kitchen of Karen

Very good if you like corned beef; very nice for a get-together on a buffet! Nice snack for a ball game!

Poultry > Chicken Riggies

From the kitchen of Melissa Morris

Chicken riggies originated in Utica, New York and these are an excellent version of them! You can make them as hot or not as you would like just by adjusting the cherry peppers!

Cakes > Pistachio Cake

From the kitchen of ? this recipe has been around quite a long time

this is a very refreshing cake especially good in the summertime.

Appetizers and Snacks > mango salsa

From the kitchen of Sean and Amber

a fresh yummy salsa especially good with lime tortilla chips