Latest Statistics

8. Dec 2002

These are dur’s Quake III Arena statistics as of 2002.12.08. Most of them were earned on hardcore... [More]

Good Game

8. Dec 2002

Here are the results from a particularly good game. Notice the ridiculously high and lucky 78%... [More]

Guantlet Frenzy

8. Dec 2002

Next up is a picture of nine guantlet kills in one hardcore match. I didn’t end up winning this one... [More]

Stealing a Quad with the Guantlet

8. Dec 2002

On the way to that list of guantlet kills, I managed to steal the quad twice using only the... [More]

12 Hardcore Guantlets

11. Dec 2002

OK, that’s just about it with the guantlets, but here’s just one more. I tried on Hardcore to just... [More]

A Beating

13. Dec 2002

This one’s a little harder to see, but here’s the best beating I’m capable of administering in... [More]

Playing It Safe

6. Apr 2003

I know I already have similar stats up here, but those were being extremely railgun-oriented. I got... [More]