In a config file or from the console, you can set these variables to optimize even more. The command is shown in orange. If you type the command from the console, you should type \seta, if you use it in a script, type seta.

seta r_lodbias "2"

This makes QIII use the lowest possible resolution models at all times. Uses less memory and performs more quickly.

seta cg_gibs "0"

Turns off the gore. Drawing the blood sprays is very rewarding but takes up a lot of CPU and graphics card time.

seta cg_draw3dicons "0"

Changes the HUD (bottom of the screen) icons to 2d icons. Very similar to simple items

seta cg_drawAttacker "0"

Stops drawing the person attacking you in the upper-right hand corner. The feature isn't essential and slows you down a bit.

seta cg_shadows "0"

Turns off any shadows.

seta r_subdivisions "999"

Forces the engine to generate far fewer surfaces for curved areas of the map. The effect looks much blockier, but can offer substantial savings.

seta cg_drawgun "0"

Turns off the gun in your view.