Try to think of something different and that's an actual word or name. Be a little orginal. Instead of 'Killer', try 'Baby Killer' or 'Eviscerator' or 'Ragnarok'.


Once you've got your name, you can color it. You can choose from 8 colors, but one of them is black, which is just plain annoying for every other player to look at. You can add a color to your name by typing ^ followed by a number from 0 to 7. If you type it in from the menus or console in QIII, typing ^ followed by a number removes both characters, but ensuing characters are in the chosen color.

If you do use a color, finish your name with ^7 to return to white. Most places in Quake III append this for you, but some places may not. If you don't do it, then some of the writing after your name may be the same color as the last portion of your name.

Color Code Preview
Black ^0 Ragnarok
Red ^1 Ragnarok
Green ^2 Ragnarok
Yellow ^3 Ragnarok
Blue ^4 Ragnarok
Cyan ^5 Ragnarok
Magenta ^6 Ragnarok
White ^7 Ragnarok


If you are in a clan, enclose your clan id in square brackets before or after your name, like this:

Baby Killer [CI] (where CI = Clan Initials)


Name Preview
^1dur^7 dur
^2Big ^4G^7 Big G
^1S^2t^3o^4o^5p^6i^7d Stoopid