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  1. Q3Radiant - id's superlative 3d editor
  2. SmallPileOfGibs - for demystifying hint brushes and the vis process

Wish list

  1. Duplicate other side and finish as CTF/larger arena.

Build History


June 26, 2000
  1. Fixed some texture problems on the endcaps around the spiral staircase. Fixed a z-error problem with an overlapping brush.
  2. Added initial CTF support in a second map, called durdm2ctf.


June 25, 2000
  1. Added a second tunnel in the moat which connects the portal area and the megahealth launch area.


June 25, 2000
  1. Rebuilt the wall to the ceiling under the rail platform; I felt it more necessary to block vis to the spiral staircase than to leave it low.
  2. Did a lot of work with hint brushes to remove most of the excess drawing from any given spot. Some points simply see a lot of the map and that can't be helped, but the worst r_speeds right now is 8200, and that's only from a very small point on the edge of the rail platform when you look up at a certain angle. The rest of the map is under 8000, with most areas in the 4000-5000 range. The main floor of the base is in the 6000's, but you can see stairs on both sides, the spiral stairs (top of them) and the tower, so that's to be expected. Even the portal is under 8000 now.
  3. Fixed the textures on the tube on the plasma platform, the textures now line up nicely.
  4. Worked more on lining up the textures on the tower, but gave up...have to find out more about the best way to do that. Right now, it's doesn't stick out too much (you won't see it unless you look for it).


June 21, 2000
  1. Nudged the portal room over and cleaned up some sloppy geometry. Only visible change is that there are no slanted walls in the portal room now.
  2. Lowered the wall around the spiral staircase and trimmed it. Added a pillar and moved the stairs over even more.
  3. Added battlements to the outer walls. If you spectate too close or rocket jump over to it, you'll get a HOM effect, but not in regular gameplay. Environment boxes take forever to compile, so you're not getting one of those.
  4. Added some flags to the battlements, changed the banners to red and blue, waving ones.
  5. Lowered the sliding doors into the floor so they look like they open as doors (instead of sticking out and leaving to wonder how they work.
  6. Expanded the basement room (leads to the megahealth) and relit it. Added a yellow armor there.
  7. Added the name, version and author to the worldspawn entity.


June 18, 2000
  1. Raised the tower by 64 units (one man height).
  2. Made the side balcony and rail platform the same height (rail platform was 16 units too high)
  3. Shortened the main base floor by several units and shortened the rail platform too.
  4. Increased the depth of the opposite plasma platform, so that one can hide in the corner from a rail gun.
  5. Decreased the size of the tower by 32 units in each dimension. Shortened the curved section at the end of the acceleration platforms. The tower now stands out better as it is both taller and more separated from the rest of the map.
  6. Decreased the size of the lake and added slanted 'shores' leading up to the 'beach' at the tower edge.
  7. Increased the size of the tower 'beach'
  8. Moved the small balconies on top of the tower in, so players can walk on the outside of them.
  9. Cleaned up the main base floor stairs to be more evenly placed and moved the support pillars so that one can walk on either side of them.
  10. Added arches to all doorways in the mid-section of the tower.
  11. Fixed sparklies on the tower (curve alignment problem)
  12. Removed grenade launcher from top of tower and centered rocket launcher. Changed 50 health to 2 x 25 health.
  13. Added banners to give some atmosphere (not concentrating on that yet).
  14. Moved the spawn points farther from main points of travel or battle
  15. Removed rear lake and added small alley behind tower
  16. Added subtler blue lighting (instead of an entity) to the water area. One corner is rather dark now, but considering the vulnerability of water, we'll leave it
  17. Added lights to all dark corners, using gothic light (pentagram) and replaced all tech lights
  18. Added underwater tunnel to under base area, leads to stairs down to a jump pad. Hitting the jump pad triggers doors to open in the floor of the base and you jump through to grab the mega health way up in the air.
  19. Fixed spiral staircase lighting. Stairs are visible, but the nook on top is still relatively hidden.
  20. Added more health, doubling some single globes and adding health behind the stairs by the shotgun, and one more on the rail platform.
  21. Fixed sparklies on spiral staircase.
  22. Replaced 'teamed' Haste and Invisibility with a single Quad Damage on the tower.
  23. Moved railgun to edge of platform, added health to single health in corner and added a battle suit where the rail gun used to be.
  24. Put some flags on the sides of the tower
  25. Lit the sides of the tower with entities to brighten it up a bit
  26. Changed the sky to move the sun to the North-East instead of South-West and lifted it from 50 to 70 degrees. Increased the surfacelighting to 240 from 120 to soften the shadow somewhat.
  27. Added some floor lights to the spiral staircase.
  28. Changed the bots to Bones, Doom, and Orbb...Bones likes the Shotgun and the Battle Suit, Doom like the Quad, the railgun and the rocket launcher, and Orbb like the plasma gun, rocket launcher and the Battle Suit. The other bots, Tank Jr., Lucy, and Biker all loved the rocket launcher (Biker liked the plasma gun, too) and didn't care for any of the power-ups. Hope that makes for more interesting battles.


June 11, 2000
  1. Created a 2-4 player map with a 'base' on one side and a tower on the other. There's a lot of open space. Uses very few textures, only 2 for most of the walls and floors. A large moat separates the tower from the raised base. A jump pad goes from the middle of the tower to the main floor of the base.
  2. Moves very quickly, but initial play-testing reveals a dearth of health. All areas are relatively well-balanced, though. The water is a bit too voluminous and doesn't offer enough reward for taking a swim. The tower doesn't seem to dominate properly.