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Bug Submissions

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  1. Q3Radiant - id's 3d editor
  2. Rungy's Metropolis - used several textures from the tutorials there
  3. SkyPaint - used to make the sky (modified the default sample textures)

Build History

Build 7a - 3/1/2000

  1. Removed the location markers. Teamplay and CTF are harder now, but it was causing up to a 35% speed drop. Tweaking these locations is too much of an art form and I haven't the time for it.

Build 7 - 2/28/2000

  1. Fixed missing torch in sewer (Fricker).
  2. Fixed some Z-fighting at tops of two buildings (spectator)
  3. Fixed Z-fighting in the grate over the center sewer.
  4. Fixed embedded armor shard at (-1424.0, -472.0, 824.0)
  5. Fixed shader that screwed up the 'sfx/flame1/ shader' (Guy Buss). Commented out the qer_editorimage and the conflict went away. Have to write to id about it, the editorimage shouldn't affect the shader effect.
  6. Changed the billboards to shamelessly advertise this site and also added the cycling tv/static effect.
  7. Changed teleporters to portals
  8. Changed teleport location to show up at end of ledge, facing the side, rather than out.
  9. Got rid of fences on side buildings on main street. Klesk was hiding too easily there.
  10. Made a hole in the side fence to allow access to base from side area, also makes sniping from there easier. Raised the building on one side to make it easier to step over.
  11. Widened the four cardinal sewers, moved them away from the sidewalks more.
  12. Got rid of the little ledge at the bottom of the ramp over the hellfog (never meant it to be there).
  13. Moved spawn points on the side of the streets to the top level in the side areas.
  14. Added spawn points to the top of the roof on the ends of the street.
  15. Moved the RGs from the top of the block to the roof edge, just above.
  16. Added a SG to the other spawn point in the sewer (didn't have a weapon handy before).
  17. Moved the info_camps and tightened their range.
  18. Put a couple 25 healths in the corners of the main sewer room (in the water).
  19. Moved the teleport from the room with the SG to behind the pipe in the center sewer.
  20. Fixed Z-fighting at base of steps in two spots in the center sewer.
  21. Fixed Z-fighting in floor lamps in one of the side bases.
  22. Added clip textures between all of the buildings to simplify bot navigation information (didn't clip out the tops of 'unreachable' buildings...figure some people use flight and mods to get there)
  23. Added target_location entities
  24. Added team DM/CTF modes (available from menus)
  25. Fixed the portal angle
  26. Fixed bad cut in hellfog rooms
  27. Added sound track (music/sonic1.wav)
  28. Moved info_camp from side of street to side areas, by new gate.

Build 6 - 2/17/2000

  1. Fixed the hole behind the side alley
  2. Fixed all the fences to align properly with the poles and added poles where there were none.
  3. Fixed poolside2 texture on fence poles, changed to concrete
  4. Moved clip brush behind fences
  5. Fixed streetlamp texture (still too dark though...used pewter...want a shiny metal)
  6. Fixed center grate to be flush with the street
  7. Fixed the billboard lights to be centered.
  8. Added floor lights to the side alley ledges and to the bases.
  9. Updated the streetlight lamps.
  10. Added some health in the bases, on the top level.
  11. Fixed a piece of missing street in the mega-health alley.
  12. Changed map name to 'Gotham' and added the build number. Full name = Gotham (build 6).
  13. Changed all streetlamps to a yellower, brighter glow. Made custom shader for the beam and lamps.
  14. Removed 'fake' light entities from sewer, put in way more torches.
  15. Made new sky texture and use environment box now. It's now full daytime with a yellow sun. Not as morose as the Q3 sky shaders.
  16. Changed all custom folders to map name (textures/durdm1, env/durdm1, durdm1.shader)
  17. Created brighter flame shader, doubled the surfacelight to 15000.
  18. Chopped up the floor lights so that each one emanates its own light. Got rid of the clumpy lighting.
  19. Changed the sky shader to use a surfacelight map to avoid any blue light suffusing the map. Surfacelight map is white/yellow, like the sun color value.
  20. Created a new jump pad, next to the box on the ends of the street. Places a player on top, but air-movement can direct the jump to the side building.
  21. Got rid of the gap on the side of the buildings at the ends of the main street.
  22. Got rid of the last few q3radiant-only textures that I didn't want (liquids/pool3d_6e base_floor/pool_side2, and base_floor/pool_side3). Replaced them with concrete.
  23. Added spotlight models to the center sewer room to illuminate it better. Still using light entities, but at least there's an obvious source.
  24. Added patches to sewer holes to make them round.
  25. Added info_camp to draw camping bots to the roofs on the ends of the streets.
  26. Change target_position to info_notnull for spotlight targets in sewer room.
  27. Change info_player_start to info_player_deathmatch.
  28. Add an info_intermission entity.
  29. Moved suspended Railgun to top of block at end of street (added another on the opposite block)
  30. Moved Haste to be intercepted when jumping to central roofs (better for flow, bots can get to it now).
  31. Added Regeneration opposite Haste (other side)
  32. Moved MegaHealth to center where Railgun used to be.
  33. Added some armor shards, health and rocket/cells/grenades/slugs ammo to rooftops.

Build 5 - 1/26/2000

  1. Added initial bot support
  2. Compiled with correct lighting.
  3. Added rocket launcher to opposite base (was missing).

Build 4 - 1/20/2000

  1. Changed quad to haste
  2. Added med kits on hellfog ramps
  3. Moved PG and RG to rooftop areas and replaced with ammo
  4. Added armor shard in hellfog room
  5. Added ammo in sewer rooms
  6. Moved 2 spawn points to bases (1 in each base)
  7. Added 2 spawn points to sewer
  8. Added personal teleportor to sewer
  9. Expanded center manhole, added a grate around it
  10. Changed texture in hall to base (from front) to concrete
  11. Added more rocket ammo to front street
  12. Moved front street RL to side street
  13. Removed more poolside2 textures from roofs
  14. Fixed another fence (too far from building)
  15. Added running lights to one base (have to see how it looks lit)
  16. Added 2 billboards

Build 3 - 1/19/2000

Play-tested by dur, malloc, and Joker.

  1. Added 3 manholes, 1 in center under RG, 1 by the Quad and 1 by the Megahealth
  2. Fixed a short jump from Quad/Megahealth areas to rooftops
  3. Added a jump-pad in front of the building at the end of the main street
  4. Fixed 4 holes between buildings
  5. Fixed spaces behind fences
  6. Fixed 2 floating jumppads (off of ground)
  7. Moved j-pad on first floor of base closer to the one on second floor (faster)
  8. Fixed missing textures on steps/walls (poolside2)
  9. Expanded buildings in side areas (to avoid hole)

Build 2 - 1/19/2000

  1. Added more health
  2. Added more armor shards
  3. Better lighting in sewer
  4. Added pipes in sewer for atmosphere
  5. Added street lights to main street
  6. Added a bounce pad from the base top floor to roof
  7. Added lighting to the water in center sewer
  8. Junked the jump-pad and added a teleporter to opposite side
  9. Moved the GL and PG

Build 1 - 1/18/2000

Initial Alpha release of the map

Future work

  1. Playtest bots more. If info_camp doesn't work, try item_botroam. Optimize .AAS file (tried this, but Quake crashed when loading it).
  2. Add more clip brushes, on top of and between buildings to fill in the spaces so that the bot compilation is simpler (that's a lot of clip-brushes).
  3. Make a CTF version.
  4. Line up textures better, use more varied building textures, all time-consuming stuff that doesn't affect basic gameplay.
  5. Different textures for the ramps, jump pads instead of the space textures, think of a city-based theme.
  6. Make more stuff on roofs, detail, antennae, AC covers, chimneys
  7. Hall to bases, block on roof should blend in better.
  8. Maybe leave a manhole cover lying around
  9. Break stuff off of buildings, make cracks in pavement and sidewalks. Rubble.
  10. Shorten the side corridors and the main street, to close in the map a bit more. This would be a lot of work, though.
  11. Add hint brushes to improve vis.