11/04/2001 - 10:42 PM EST

  1. Converted the entire quake site to use the earthli settings.
  2. Added a 'Quake' color theme to the earthli settings.
  3. Reorganized everything to remove all frames and be more faithful to the style of the rest of the site.

05/24/2001 - 10:28 AM EST

  1. Fixed some errors in the generated MKLog files and removed extra players from aggregate lists.
  2. Added a new set of statistics generated by AEStats. MKLog statistics are also still generated.

04/23/2001 - 10:28 PM EST

  1. Added battle statistics using MKLog.

120/6/1999 - 10:28 PM EST

  1. Added a section showing how to get your ping on a server. Revamped the home page (broke it into sections). Started a section on setting up and administering a server.

12/04/1999 - 9:49 PM EST

  1. Added a section for the Lagometer. Modified and added styles for the site. Also moved this section to a work log, added a section for news and new home page with a site map of sorts.

12/03/1999 - 11:12 AM EST

  1. Linked the in the medals section.

12/02/1999 - 10:24 PM EST

  1. I've created a whole section on optimizing Quake III Arena for speed and a discussion of the tradeoffs involved.

11/22/1999 - 11:10 PM EST

  1. I'm just starting out here, so the site is a little sparse for now. I created a characters page and a names page.