Quake III Arena - version 1.15c (Jan 13, 2000)

This is a bug report submitted to id Software on January 13, 2000.

I have behavior that seems to be confusion on the part of the shader parser and/or shader manager. If I start a custom map I made, then start one of id's maps, a texture is corrupted.

My map uses the following shader (simply the textures/sfx/flame1 shader, but brighter):


  //  *************************************************
  //  *        Yellow Flame         *
  //  *        April 30 1999 Surface Light 7500  *
  //  *  Please Comment Changes      *
  //  *************************************************

  qer_editorimage textures/sfx/flame1
  surfaceparm nomarks
  surfaceparm nolightmap
  surfaceparm trans
  cull none
  q3map_surfacelight 15000

    animMap 10 textures/sfx/flame1.tga ... textures/sfx/flame8.tga  // 1-8
    blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
    rgbGen wave inverseSawtooth 0 1 0 10

    animMap 10 textures/sfx/flame2.tga ... textures/sfx/flame1.tga // 2-8, 1
    blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
    rgbGen wave sawtooth 0 1 0 10

    map textures/sfx/flameball.tga
    blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
    rgbGen wave sin .6 .2 0 .6

When I switch to Q3DM3 (which uses the textures/sfx/flame1 shader), this following warning appears in the console and the shader does not show up (the default white grid on black holodeck texture is used):

WARNING: expecting '{', found 'surfaceparm' instead in shader 'textures/sfx/flame1'

I commented the qer_editorimage line and ran both maps again. This seemed to fix the symptom, but it seems that there is something not quite right. The shaders shouldn't be affecting each other, but appear linked because they use the same texture (or the qer_editorimage is referencing the shader, not the texture in the game, where it should be ignoring it entirely).

If you wish to see this bug, either make a map with that shader in it (or download my map, durdm1). I'm pretty sure just using that shader should do it, but haven't tried it myself. Then, do the following:

  1. load map durdm1 (or the map you made with the shader in it)
  2. verify that the flames look right (in durdm1, there are torches in the sewer)
  3. load map q3dm3
  4. the side flames should look fine, but the facing textures/sfx/flame1 shaders are broken. Pull down the console and see the warning.
  5. Comment the qer_editorimage line and run 1-4 again.

I you need any more information, let me know. I hope this is helpful.

Note: if you do download my map to see the bug, the bug may be fixed already (depends if I finish my latest build). If durdm1 is up to build 7, then I've already included the workaround. To see the problem, simply uncomment the qer_editorimage line in the textures/durdm1/flame_12500 shader and run.