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#4 − A Caching Mess

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I recently bombed a local descent right near my house and thought I’d done quite well. Strava told me I’d gotten my third-best time, which is correct by their calculations, as I’d tied my second-best time, as shown below.

 My Results

However, if I switch to the “I’m Following” list, I see my PR as the fourth-best time in the list, a full 10 seconds slower than my real PR.

 I'm Following

On the left-hand side, Strava is showing my time for the current ride, which is four seconds faster than the PR it’s showing on the right-hand side.

I just see these things because I’m an engineer and am sensitive to odd numbers (which usually indicate a bug in software I’ve written). It may be that Strava’s confused because I only show numbers to users that follow me (rather than to all users) and maybe their caching is not optimized for this situation. This happens a lot, though.

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#3 − PR is stuck

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The following segment shows that Strava is technically correct when it says that this was the second-fastest time (it considers a more recent tie to be inferior, which is fine, I guess), but it’s positively convinced that my PR is still 33s, although it hasn’t been that since March of last year. How long is this data cached?

 Adetswilerbump Sprint

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#2 − Over 4000 VAM is impressive…

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 Ragenbuech is not a real segment

So I averaged 20.8kph on a 19% climb for 4007 VAM? And I only used 252w with a heart rate of 161bpm while doing it. Impressive.

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#1 − Fastest time, but second place

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#1 − ‘Like’

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#1 − do you do other things than watching soccer these days?


but its cool for people out there like me to get the summaries of nearly everything happend in germany − go on ;-) does cathy like soccer as well (and therefore let you watch it all the time)? :-))))

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#1 − totally aggree


watched the match as well but this was just lost time. propably this is why i feelt to sleep right after the middle (and just one beer ;-) ). same shit happend while the basil match which was not that good as well. maybe i just know how to watch the boring matches instead the good ones.

cheers, marc

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#1 − FIFA appoints Europeans

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FIFA heeds call and appoints Europeans on Eurosport reports that “…FIFA President Sepp Blatter has finally bowed to the weight of public opinion and appointed six European referees to take charge of the World Cup semi-finals.” The selection for the rest of the cup had been a “regional selection policy”, but, unfortunately, many of the regions selected simply don’t have officials capable of refereeing matches at that level.

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Some of this guy’s comments were a little uncalled for:

Herb Brooks: Amazing to report, the old disciplinarian got a little lax here. Won it all with much lesser players the last time around. … Figure skating coaches: Judging from the evidence at the women’s competition, apparently you need them.

You had to know that there would be those that would love to see Kwan fail precisely because she didn’t have a coach. I mean, who does she think she is? Does she think she’s so good she doesn’t need a coach? Yeah, she does and yeah, she is. But there’s always that subconscious need to make it look like she’s great because she has help. The individual, intelligent acheiver is never popular. Her bronze medal is a vindication for many, I bet. But not in a good way.

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