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GeForce3 in more depth than you can imagine

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This site is by one of the leading hardware guys on the web…he’s from Germany. His writeup is huge, but if you’re interested in the feature set:

My take is that the GeForce3 introduces some amazing new techonologies and the card kicks ass. However, the next card will take some of the rough edges off of those technologies and kick even more ass.


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A couple of more articles on the insidous approach of a dumbed-down era of computing:

Descrambling DVDs with Perl

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Here you’ll find a 526 byte Perl script that can descramble DVDs in real time.

Latest buzz is they’re going to get away with it

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One day the court hates MS:

Another, they seem to have no problem with MS:

Latest patent issued

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This ones for software patches, issued to Symantec. It was actually issued in April of 2000.

Read it, the description is so general that any and all patching technologies fall under it.

Damn funny piece about Napster

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Read the one from 08/08/2000.


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Discussion of user-interface paradigms and logical conclusions. ‘Files’ and ‘Folders’ are obsolete. Computers should only deal with ‘things’, each of which have ‘properties’. These ‘things’ can be grouped by an number of properties, using a search or ‘query’. That’s it. He addresses the need for a view on your data that lets you see an email on the same footing as a file. It’s brought together is something called a ‘lifestream’, which is a date-ordered stream of data. Sub-streams are created by... [More]