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JavaScript Calendar published


<img src="{site_icons}/products/software_50px" align="left">The earthli WebCore now uses a nifty <a href="{root}software/js_calendar">JavaScript calendar component</a> to let users easily choose and set dates. This makes choosing dates for pictures in <a href="{root}albums">earthli Albums</a> a breeze! You don't have to get the WebCore to use it --- it's also available as an separate open-source component. Check out a <img src="{icons}/buttons/ship_16px"> <a href="{root}software/js_calendar/demo">demo</a> or <img src="{icons}/buttons/download_to_hd_16px"> <a href="{data}software/js_calendar/downloads/">download</a> it now. Brought to you by <a href="{root}software">earthli Software</a>.