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Zidane's Wonder Goal


Real Madrid won the European Champion's Cup for the ninth time on Wednesday, on a goal from Zinedine Zidane that was simply amazing. <a href=""></a> (UK version) has <a href="">Zidane wonder-strike clinches RealĀ“s ninth European Cup</a>, which has the best coverage I could find. <bq>Roberto Carlos sent a speculative looping cross into the area and the French international midfielder showed wonderful balance and composure to lash an unstoppable volley into the top corner.</bq> I didn't find a video, but this is pretty good. It's a long series of still images showing the goal from different angles...almost like a video. You have to go to the article, then click the link under the first paragraph. Click 'next photo' to go through the pictures like a flipbook. <span class="field">Update:</span> That's not the's a goal versus Deportivo. That's pretty disengenuous. <span class="field">Update: </span> This goal is really hard to find, but <a href="">kavorka</a> has found a list of video highlights and goals. He says the quality is OK, but it's in RealVideo format. Go to <a href="">Madrid win ninth European crown</a> on <a href="">UEFA</a>'s site, then look on the right, in the second box down to find "Related Interactive". Videos are at the top and include "Highlights" and "Goals" in high and low bandwidth flavors.