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A response to a sincere solicitation


The following is a sample of the response I've composed to respond to the increasing numbers of solicitations to advertise on my site that I've been receiving of late. I'd ignored them at first, but many followed up, so I felt bad and responded. Two replied immediately and thanked me for taking the time to respond<fn> and to wish me well in my future endeavors. <n>The extra bit about Opera was my helpful tip that the link she'd wanted me to include in my web site contained mostly incorrect information about the browser that I'd written about in the article she'd referenced.</n> <box title="Form Letter"> Hi Kathy As you can well imagine, I’m not in the habit of answering unsolicited mails that look for all the world like spam. If the mail to which I’m responding <i>was</i> written by a machine, then I tip my hat and don’t rue at all the few minutes I’ve spent writing back to an electronic entity that will be viewed as primitive by its progeny, which will become our overlords, may they be benevolent. You seem like a real-life person who’s writing their own mails <i>and</i> you’ve gone to the trouble of actually finding an article on my site that’s relevant, so you warrant at least a bit of time to answer. Earthli is a personal site with no purpose other than to amuse me. I don’t do any advertising or linking for financial gain or cross-promotional purposes because I’m not interested in “promoting” my site. The article you referenced is about Opera and is over seven years old. I’m not apt to change it, but, even if I were, I took a quick look at your link and the information it has about Opera is not accurate: <ul> Opera can install any Chrome extension when properly extended (with the “Install Chrome Extensions” extension) Opera has had syncing of data via <a href="">Opera Sync</a> for at least a decade </ul> If I may, I suggest you amend your article and perhaps find other “cons” to add to the list (otherwise it would look odd, no? :-) Thanks for your interest, though, and I wish you the best of luck with your site. Stay healthy and safe Marco </box> <hr> <ft>One even responded with a rhetorical flourish of his own, citing the inestimable <a href="" source="Wikipedia">Perry Farrell</a> as follows: <bq>Here is to the primitive progeny who are to be our new overlords ;) In the words of Perry farrel [sic], <iq>we'll make great pets</iq></bq></ft>