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Windows 10 Search is not very good


Windows Search has been unpredictable for a long time. If you're a MacOS user, it feels terrible. It's an utter mystery how Windows can't seem to find <i>anything</i>, even in a small pile of startup icons and control-panel entries. It's a database of a few hundred entries, at best. Let's see how Windows 10 fares. I finally took the time to document my struggles to run the "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio". There are so many words in there. Which ones can I type to find the icon? Hint: I should be able to type a piece of <i>any</i> of the words to get that icon. Spoiler: I cannot. <h>Type 'sql'</h> Let's type SQL and see what happens. <img src="{att_link}type_sql.png" align="none" caption="Type 'sql'"> It finds SQL tools that I rarely or never use, but not the one I use all the time (and that I'm searching for). <h>Type 'sql mana'</h> Ok, I'll add "mana" to the search phrase to try to force Windows to match the icon with the word "manager" in it. <img src="{att_link}type_sql_mana.png" align="none" caption="Type 'sql mana'"> This matches stuff that looks right, but its only <i>folders</i>, not the application icon. <h>Type 'sql s'</h> The word following "SQL" in the icon is "server", let's try to trigger that. <img src="{att_link}type_sql_s.png" align="none" caption="Type 'sql s'"> Everything but the actual program I'd installed. <h>Type 'sql se'</h> Let's keep going. <img src="{att_link}type_sql_se.png" align="none" caption="Type 'sql se'"> Oooo, getting warmer ... but still only folders. <h>Type 'sql serve'</h> <img src="{att_link}type_sql_serve.png" align="none" caption="Type 'sql serve'"> Finally, after typing most of the name, I get the icon I was looking for. It's unclear <i>why</i> it matched better now---all of the letters in the search phrase are in all of the other icons, as well. <h>Type 'st'</h> That gave me an idea: how about I type letters that show up <i>only</i> in that icon? <img src="{att_link}type_st.png" align="none" caption="Type 'st'"> Nice, Windows: You found the app with the word "Studio" in it that I use the least. <h>Type 'stu'</h> <img src="{att_link}type_stu.png" align="none" caption="Type 'stu'"> Ok, with one more letter, you're getting warmer. I use Visual Studio 2017 the most. And I see that the Management Studio has shown up on the radar. <h>Type 'm'</h> Finally, I tried typing the first letter of the first word of the application name. I got a match almost immediately. <img src="{att_link}type_m.png" align="none" caption="Type 'm'"> <h>Type 'ma'</h> If I add the second letter, then I get a hit with just two letters. It's honestly a mystery why this is a hit, but the other two-letter combinations are not. <img src="{att_link}type_ma.png" align="none" caption="Type 'ma'"> In conclusion, here we are with the third or fourth version of Windows 10, the newest of a line of operating systems that stretches back 3 decades. It's 2019 and just finding an application to execute---and one made by the same company that made the operating system---is a heroic undertaking.