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Poisonous Hyper-capitalism


From <a href="" author="Robert X. Cringely">Kai-Fu Lee’s new book says Artificial Intelligence will be Google vs China and will kill half the world’s jobs</a> <bq>And I find it difficult to see China as being any more of a development crucible than is Sand Hill Road, where startups have even less time to succeed and therefore more pressure to evolve. Explain to me how this is incorrect, because the numbers are published and are real. In comparison to other adolescent startup cultures, yes China is and will be successful and they are (finally) getting it, but Silicon Valley still has more of everything including investor impatience.</bq> I fucking hate everything about this mentality. It forsakes the good for that which is the bare Minimum required to make money. I call bullshit on your supposed innovation, because it's at best whale vomit, a nominally useful byproduct of a process with a completely different goal. The goal is to hoard wealth. the inefficiency of the process whereby we also incidentally get something useful is a luxury we can no longer afford with the resources and capacity remaining on this planet. If we don't it, it's unlikely our AIs will respect it until they get smarter than us, by which time it will be too late. But go aead and fiddle, shuffle your deck chairs. Who can stop you? <bq>And very rarely my partner would be called-in just in case I could find in Silicon Valley some garage in which time travel had already been conquered. I was usually able to come through and occasionally the big company even came out of the experience looking brilliant.</bq> What's your point Bob? That you're brilliant and only Americans are capable if winning a game they've rigged? You think it's fair? That it's a level playing field? What an ass. Congratulations, you can chew through the planet more indiscriminately than everyone else. <bq>The China environment today clearly does not have the level of integrity found in the US, but it has gone a long way.</bq> WTF. China is supposed to be striving to have the integrity of the States? That's a goal? After LIBOR, after 2008, after the last 100 years, how can anyone think that U.S. business has any integrity? <bq>As an American teenage male in the 1960s, having or getting a car was the single most important life passage. Not anymore. That’s an enormous change that <b>lowers income requirements and makes it easier to function in an AI-inspired culture of economic limits.</b> (Emphasis added.)</bq> That's the conclusion you draw? Also, nice euphemism (highlighted). <bq>But what I CAN predict is that we won’t go into a dystopian future because my kids wouldn’t stand for that. There is a huge correction coming and the only thing my kids believe is that they will control that correction.</bq> Looking to those with a surfeit of unearned confidence for solutions smacks of desperation.