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Final Sochi 2014 notes


<h>U.S. Olympic Hockey</h> <img attachment="screen_shot_2014-02-22_at_23.33.08.png" align="left" caption="Patrick Kane has a sad">Oh my God, what an ass-kicking. Canada put on a clinic for America and then Finland did the same, with even more success. Patrick Kane never showed up---he missed again and again and took horrible penalties. His face after his second penalty sums things up nicely for the U.S. (see left). And the US didn't even both covering the greatest Olympic goal-scorer <i>ever</i>, warming the hearts of 40+ year-old guys everywhere by letting Teemu score not once, but twice. <h>Continental Snowboarding</h> <img attachment="2014-02-18_09_00_33-zattoo_-_srf_zwei_hd_-_opera.png" align="left" caption="Regular snowboarder -- ready to go"><img attachment="2014-02-18_09_00_51-zattoo_-_srf_zwei_hd_-_opera.png" align="right" caption="French snowboarder -- ready to go">I noticed the following during one of the boarder-cross races: almost everyone stood in the gate at the top with hands on the posts, ready to jump at the sound of the bell (picture at left). The French guy, though, was just leaning back, arm akimbo and relaxed (picture at right). All that was missing was a cigarette and a shot of espresso. Do you see the difference? I think he won the qualifier race as well, but who really cares? He'd already won our hearts <i>on style</i>.