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Modern nature documentaries


I was recently sent this link, presumably because I enjoy short nature documentaries. <media src="" caption="Man vs. Wild - Eating Giant Larva" href="" author="Bear Grylls" source="YouTube" width="560px" height="325px"> Some thoughts: <ul> Do larvae really get bigger the older they get? Isn't a larva a limited stage of development? How is it that some are so much larger than others? Isn't it more likely to be related to food intake rather than age?<fn> People are weird. If Bear were to eat fluffy baby animals (say chicks) rather than slimy ones (larvae in this case), he would be drummed off the air. Bear Grylls: Allergic to Bees is a related video. The poster on the video shows a face that looks like the elephant man. Oh, YouTube, you temptress. YouTube comments have not gotten any better. Some genius named "lury Sette" wrote that <iq>[h]e should be on Wreakless Eating</iq>. I can only just barely understand what that means. What kind of a name is Bear Grylls? Did he try other spellings first? Like "Bare Grills"? Would anyone on YouTube have noticed the misspelling? </ul> <hr> <ft>I honestly don't know the answer here, proposing instead a hypothesis alternative to that of Mr. Grylls.</ft>