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SOE and usability basics: Page Titles


There are a few (relatively) popular sites that do not even attempt to provide unique page titles for article pages. For example, <a href="" source="" author="">Glenn Greenwald's blog on</a> or <a href="" source="" author="">3QuarksDaily</a> both use the same title for all pages. This is a huge pain in the neck if you have multiple pages from those sites open in a browser. It would be much more useful (for bookmarking, etc.) if the page title included the title of the primary content on the page. For example, instead of simply using <code>Glenn Greenwald -</code> for every page, a unique title that gave a hint to the contents <code>Follow-up on the Citizens United case - Glenn Greenwald -</code> would be much better. Sites can feel free, of course, to limit the number of characters of the post's title to use in order to retain the section (Glenn Greenwald) and site ( when creating bookmarks. For example, <code>Follow-up ... Citizens United case - Glenn Greenwald -</code> or <code>Follow-up on the Citizens... - Glenn Greenwald -</code> would both be much more user- and SOE-friendly.