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World Cup 2010 in Switzerland


In Switzerland, you can now watch the world cup live online in three different languages (German, French and Italian). It's very good quality and easily good enough to watch the match. Compared to 4 years ago, it's absolutely incredible. With a 5MBit connection at the office, we can easily spare some bandwidth to pull down the live stream and stay up-to-date as we work. Apparently, we're not alone in doing so. This afternoon, during the Netherlands -- Denmark match, we couldn't log on to online banking and I was accused of "hogging all the bandwidth". I didn't think the video could possibly be eating the whole 5MBit connection, but paused it nonetheless. It didn't help. So, one of us thought, hey! maybe it's not us! Maybe everyone at the bank is watching the game and killing the connection from that end. So we tested the theory. When I announced that it was halftime, we tried connecting to online banking again...and were able to log in immediately. Viva the World Cup! :-)