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WebCore 3.x is available!


Older versions of the earthli WebCore were more clearly delineated release packages and were hosted at SourceForge and offered for <a href="{root}/software/webcore/downloads.php">download</a> on this site. Much time has passed and there have always been incremental upgrades made for the maintenance of <a href=""></a>, but no more official releases. A little while ago, the earthli WebCore's source was moved from a private, firewalled Perforce server to an externally available <a href="">Mercurial server</a>. The structure has changed somewhat since the 2.7.0 release and documentation updates are still pending. Many of the principles still apply, though. PHP4.x support has been deprecated and will no longer be supported. itself is still currently using it, but will migrate to PHP5 within the month. The last, stable PHP4-only build is available from the source server, of course, as the snappily named <a href=";path=/">changeset "0b644125e4a7"</a>. Again, once all changes have settled down, this version will be made available in a more convenient manner. Once PHP5-development has delivered a stable version, the WebCore documentation and instructions will be updated accordingly. One thing at a time. The sources for the earthli web-site itself are currently hidden, but select pieces will be made available as configuration samples at some point, as well.