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<img attachment="corkd_screenie.png" align="left" class="frame"><a href="">Cork'd</a> is a web application for wine afficionados. Users build add to the global wine database, create lists of their reserves, their favorites and their buddies. It's a classic web 2.0 collaborative social web site by Dan Benjamin (of <a href="">HiveLogic</a> and <a href="">A List Apart</a>) and Dan Cederholm (of <a href="">SimpleBits</a>). The colors evoke a bottle of red, and the simple decorations, like the filigrees used a separators provide a dash of style. The colors and graphics are flat and simple (it's the web! 2.0! get it?) and give a fun and inviting feel to it. The lists are simple and elegant and use very subtle color gradations to convey form and function. The subtle<span class="footnote-number">2</span> gradients are typical of Cederholm's designs. There's also a <i>lot</i> of white-space on this page, which makes it feel so uncrowded even though it contains 4 separate areas (sign up, now playing, lists and sidebar), 6 lists and 4 forms (sign up, search and log in).