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WebCore 2.7.0 Released!!!


<img src="{site_icons}/products/webcore_100px" align="left"> <div style="margin-left: 120px">A good eight months since the last service pack, 2.6.1, comes a new release of the <a href="{root}/software/webcore">earthli WebCore</a>, 2.7.0. <div style="display: table; margin: auto"> <a href="{root}/software/webcore/download.php" class="menu-button"><img src="{icons}buttons/download_16px" class="inline-icon"> Download 2.7.0 now!</a> </div> The minor version bump is, in the end, an understatement. Though WebCore applications include much of the same funtionality, there are significant under-the-hood and cosmetic changes: For the user: <ul> Drastically improved search UI, including searching for users, comments, and all types of objects in an application. Search results include smart summaries showing hits in context. Fixed several bugs in publishing and added ability to subscribe to a user; improved UI to clearly indicate what is subscribed and why. Improved usability of menus and drop downs for all browsers Added/improved "copy/move" for multiple objects and folders RSS Support! (thanks Packi) General UI improvements for forms and layout </ul> For the developer: <ul> Completely rewritten resource-location system for much more flexible and manageable deployment possibilities The plugin system is completely standardized; the answer to "how do I change ???" can now always be answered with "write and register a plugin" Startup system cleaned up and also based on plugins Added versioning to applications and configuration pages for migrating a database Much improved indexing and use of primary keys for all tables No more tables for layout on compliant browsers! (so far, only Opera...) Uploading now works more reliably with a staging area to allow easy cleanup of abandoned uploads </ul> See the <a href="{root}projects/view_release_change_log.php?id=70&show_description=1">release notes</a> for all the gory details. </div>