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Edgewall Software Services


<img attachment="edgewallhome.png" class="frame" align="left-column"><img attachment="trachome.png" class="frame" align="left-column">Another in an growing list of sites that make XHTML+CSS look really good. This is a consulting company for web and software services, which makes good use of shades of a single color (red) to differentiate between their 3 service areas. The generic graphic adds an elegant touch to the home page and the rest of the page doesn't distract. There is a subtle news list on the right, with releases of their job tracking product, <a href="">Trac</a>, which also looks quite nice and functional. The product page for Trac is clean, presents the simple logo, a description of the product and a prominent download button. (<a href="">Edgewall Home Page</a>)