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The Politics of Nativism on This is Hell!

Published by marco on

The 1-hour podcast episode The politics of nativism by Daniel Denvir (This is Hell!) is well-worth a listen[1]. Both Chuck Mertz (the host) and Daniel express themselves well. Here’s one thought from Daniel about the pervasiveness of both overt and implicit racism, from about 50 minutes into the podcast:

“I think it’s a typical failing of liberal analyses to define racism as bad thoughts in people’s heads. This is why liberal elites in wealthy suburbs whose entire lives are organized around providing segregated, wealthy, white schools for their own children, can then look to a place like West Virginia as the actual font of racism in this country.

“Even though working-class people in places like that, regardless of the racist beliefs in their heads, have limited power to enact the racism. So, what liberals miss, is that racism at its core involves systems of power and domination. And those are systems and structures, of mass incarceration, mass deportation, border militarization, that liberals—from Bill Clinton on—have played a profound role in constructing.”

[1] As are, quite frankly, almost all of the interviews on this well-established and intelligent show that’s been around since 1996. I’ve been a supporter for over a dozen years.