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MasterCard SecureCode web dialog

Published by marco on

I just can’t believe that this gruesome thing is still a thing.[1] In an age where we are supposed to have been sensitized to phishing sites, this thing is still an integral part of the online credit-card purchasing chain. It is generally called up with a completely different URL than the store where you started and it looks terrible and untrustworthy.

 SecureCode Dialog

It’s probably a combination of:

  1. not being able to change a running system because people are used to it now
  2. not being able to change a running system because they barely got it into production in the first place and the code is such a tangled mess that no-one will ever be able to make a change without breaking it irrevocably
  3. not being able to change a single thing on the page because countless other applications that are just as terrible treat this page as an “API” so you can’t change even a single character of the HTML.

[1] The green boxes obscure personal data and are not part of the design. You are forgiven for thinking that they might have been, though.