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Geocities in 2015

Published by marco on

 Top of the page News linksA friend recently directed me to Steve Quayle where he’d found a link about Destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop this super-advanced malware (PC World). The article about viruses is a bit hyperbolic but mostly legit. The original web site, though, has some really interesting stuff on it.

It’s actually not too poorly laid-out—Cymax Media made it and their own homepage isn’t too terrible—but the emphasis is hard to parse.

What’s more important than the news links that the site ostensibly publishes?

  • Precious metals
  • Giants
  • Ebola and Diseases
  • Zombies
  • Scripture
  • The site’s author’s latest book, called “Little Creatures” (elves, imps, fairies, gnomes, dwarves, demons, etc.)
  • The Shinar Directive (the “greatest conspiracy theory of all time”)
  • More giants

Finally, below all of this other stuff, are the news links, with no explanation or elucidation, so you have to click through on each one that sounds interesting and probably load up a whole other page about giants.

Still, the Geocities web sites of 2015 are decidedly better-looking than their predecessors. Sure, the black background is not very easy on the eyes and sure there seems to be a lot of distracting stuff on the page, but I have a feeling that the site works as designed: it reflects the intent of the author.

Giants, man. Keep your eyes peeled.