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earthli Themes have been updated

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Since almost the beginning, earthli has supported themes that let the user choose the basic color scheme for the site. In the early days of the web, it was a cool way of playing with CSS. It also kept your coding honest because you had to stick to a style guide instead of just throwing in styles all over the place.

In recent years, the themes started to look a bit dated. With the introduction of a completely new base layout, most of the themes looked bad and skewed instead of simply dated.

A few screenshots are shown below, but you should check out the settings page (available in the footer of every page on this site) to see more and choose your own theme.

 Midnight Beach Mocha Eggplant Shamrock

Some themes have been renamed:

  • Emerald => Shamrock
  • Crimson => Fire Engine
  • Tangerine => Creamsicle

Some themes have been removed:

  • Desert
  • Earthli
  • Galaxy
  • Opus

The default theme is still “Ice”.

For those interested in the technical details, all earthli stylesheets are now constructed with “Less CSS” and themes are absolutely dead-simple to create by just setting a few base colors. For example, the “ice” stylesheet is created with this less file, which uses theme-base, which in turn uses core-values and core-mixins. All the other themes use these base files as well and tend to override even fewer variables than the ice theme does (e.g. Mocha, Midnight or Shamrock) For those still working with plain CSS, Less is definitely worth a look.