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Search bug fixed and styling update

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Item the First: Search Bug

For the last couple of months, it has been impossible to search earthli in any of the applications (news, albums, recipes). This bug has been fixed as of today and searching should work as expected.

Item the Second: Styling of Citations

The default theme on earthli no longer uses a dark red color to indicate that a particular piece of text is a citation. Long time readers have doubtless become quite accustomed to picking out citations by color, and it is hoped that they will adjust to the new styling. Currently, the old theme has not been preserved in any way, though one could be made available if enough people complain about it.

Inline citations are still indicated with double-quotes as well as an italic font, but are now dark gray instead of dark red, as in the following example: “[t]his is an inline citation.” Block citations are also still enclosed in double-quotes, but are indicated with a gray left margin and no change in text color. An example follows:

“This is a block citation. Note that the indentation and left margin are sufficient to indicate that this is a citation rather than original text.”

That is all.

Your earthli.com Development Team