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WebCore 2.7.0 Released!!!

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A good eight months since the last service pack, 2.6.1, comes a new release of the earthli WebCore, 2.7.0.

The minor version bump is, in the end, an understatement. Though WebCore applications include much of the same funtionality, there are significant under-the-hood and cosmetic changes:

For the user:

  • Drastically improved search UI, including searching for users, comments, and all types of objects in an application. Search results include smart summaries showing hits in context.
  • Fixed several bugs in publishing and added ability to subscribe to a user; improved UI to clearly indicate what is subscribed and why.
  • Improved usability of menus and drop downs for all browsers
  • Added/improved “copy/move” for multiple objects and folders
  • RSS Support! (thanks Packi)
  • General UI improvements for forms and layout

For the developer:

  • Completely rewritten resource-location system for much more flexible and manageable deployment possibilities
  • The plugin system is completely standardized; the answer to “how do I change ???” can now always be answered with “write and register a plugin”
  • Startup system cleaned up and also based on plugins
  • Added versioning to applications and configuration pages for migrating a database
  • Much improved indexing and use of primary keys for all tables
  • No more tables for layout on compliant browsers! (so far, only Opera‚Ķ)
  • Uploading now works more reliably with a staging area to allow easy cleanup of abandoned uploads

See the release notes for all the gory details.