Revision 6

10/31/2001 - Marco Von Ballmoos

  1. Converted to use the new earthli settings (color, font, size)
  2. Updated the code so that the printable and online manuals use the same set of pages (no more redundancy).
  3. The printable version is also a lot more printable now (completely black & white, excepting images).

Revision 5

5/17/2001 - Marco Von Ballmoos

  1. Fixed a typo (probably to probable)

Revision 4

1/15/2001 - Marco Von Ballmoos

  1. Added a strategy - playing backwards

Revision 3

1/08/2001 - Marco Von Ballmoos

  1. Broke up the manual into multiple pages with a sidebar menu for easier navigation and use as reference. Printable version is retained as well.
  2. Fixed anchor names with spaces in them.

Revision 2

1/14/2000 - Nadia Von Ballmoos-Borioli/Marco Von Ballmoos

  1. Added strong suggestion to 'Playing a hand' (regarding looking at cards from finished hands).
  2. Fixed some Swiss-German spellings and added explicit phonetic pronunciations to them.
  3. Added footnote regarding Swiss names for passing trump.
  4. Added a 'no trump' strategy section and linked it from the choosing trump section.
  5. Changed some rules in 'declarations' where it appeared there was a choice of whether to do something where there is not.
  6. Cleaned up some ugly sentences in 'declarations'.
  7. Added more Swiss German for the different sequences. Added alternate way of declaring (saying point value).
  8. Added to the stöck rule that it may be declared late.
  9. Added 'Mir Bedanken Eus'.
  10. Added an option in the Bok strategy about announcing Boks.

Revision 1

1/11/2000 - Kathy Van Evera/Marco Von Ballmoos

  1. Added remainders to scoring diagram, for completeness
  2. Fixed 2 typographic errors
  3. Fixed some stylistic errors (link naming consistency, etc.)
  4. Fixed an error in declaring cards (started at dealer, should be first player)
  5. Fixed confusing text for valid times to call Stöck
  6. Fixed 2 logical errors where hand was used instead of game


1/11/2000 - Marco Von Ballmoos