Kath and Marco - September 14, 2002

Full Guest List (153 people)

This is the full list of invited guests. It shows whether they have accepted or rejected the invitation and when they did so.

PersonReceptionPicnicRegistered on
Werner Hess no--
Ekhlas El Hadi yesyes (1)
Dick Watkins yesyes
Betty Watkins yesyes
Debbie Scouten noyes
Ed Scouten nono
Alan Lincourt no--
Peggy Kroll yesyes
Sayaka Kawakami yesyes
Charlie Watkins yesyes (3)
Lisa Watkins yesyes
Sandy Lamanna yesyes
John Sullivan yesyes (2)
Mary Long yesyes (1)
Tom Long yesyes
Suzanne Hussey nono
Malcolm nono
Julie Welch nono
Patrick Marshall nono
Kathy Watkins nono
Ray Watkins nono
Jim Watkins yesyes
Becky Watkins yesyes (2)
Jim Watkins no--
Joyce Countryman yes--
Jeremy Watkins nono
Lauren nono
Michele Watkins yesyes
Jason Brewer yesyes (1)
Mitch Dandrea yesno