Wedding Documents

All pieces for the wedding were created in Photoshop 6.01 and all pieces are reproduced here as fairly high-quality JPG files.

The images and descriptions are stored in an earthli Albums photo album. The picture browser that comes up if you click an image may or may not appear in the same colors as you see now. Don't panic.

Guest Book Page

30. Aug 2002

Each page is on 28lb paper and provides a box for each signature.

Guest Book Back

30. Aug 2002

The back of the guest book is two pieces, with the fossil 80lb paper for backing.

Program Cover and Back

30. Aug 2002

The program is one sheet of 80lb Milkweed paper.

Program Inside Pages

30. Aug 2002

The program is printed on both sides and sticks to a simple, direct design.

Place Card (Sample)

30. Aug 2002

Each person gets a place card with their own name on it. The table number is filled in by hand.

Place Card Instructions

30. Aug 2002

This is a folded instruction card, set up on the guest book and place card table, behind the place... [More]