Full Guest List (153 people)

This is the full list of invited guests. It shows whether they have accepted or rejected the invitation and when they did so.

PersonReceptionPicnicRegistered on
Dawn nono
John nono
Lauren nono
Malcolm nono
Ömer Algar yesyes
Linda Baldwin ------
Ermes Borioli nono
Mely Borioli nono
Doug Brenning yesyes
Jason Brewer yesyes (1)
Carolina Buzzetti yesyes
Gabriela Carigiet nono
Xiaohong Chen noyes (1)
Anne Clive yesyes
Bob Clive yesyes
Matthew Cochran nono
Bonnie Conroy nono
Ron Conroy nono
Joyce Countryman yes--
Matt Cowen yesyes
Nicole Cowen yesyes
Mitch Dandrea yesno
Nicholas Dandrea yesyes
Andrea Donahue yesyes
Paul Donahue yesyes
Nora Dusseault yesyes (2)
Paul Dusseault yesyes
Ekhlas El Hadi yesyes (1)
Carole Fitzer nono
Michael Fitzer nono